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In addition to working as free producers of media arts and conceptual art projects (for more information see we have always been keen to accept the challenge of providing a commercial audiovisual-creative service.

Since, basically, our clients expect us to approach conceptual and creative decisions in an artistic uncompromising way, it is in consequence not always simple to draw a distinct line between creative arts and commercial designs.  It is on the other hand a work, different in many aspects and necessarily more flexible, but potentially just as fascinating; the more so as we, in the role of agents -  embedded in a larger team and in an organizational production structure with a defined budget and schedule - are in permanent dispute with mere economic marketing aspects: we cannot work freely but serve a purpose. [perpetual beta] keeps record of our sporadic side-trips into this world, the world of analogue and digital publishing electronic media, such as in television and internet, as well as the world of traditionally timeless environments such as the stage, in public space, or simply printed products.