None Are Strangers

Odeon Wien

GRAF+ZYX: Electronic Szenery

Client: Tanztheater Wien
Music: Eiji Nakazawa
Text: Fernando Pessoa, Simon Frearson
Choreography: Liz King
Scenery: Manfred Biskup
Elektronic Scenery: GRAF+ZYX
Costume design: Esther Balfe 
Light: Michael Illich, Manfred Biskup
Sound: Andreas Zangl
Created by Liz King, developed and performed by Esther Balfe, Michael Dolan, Nina Kripas, Mani Obeya, Anna Palestanga, Daphne Strothmann, Paul Wenninger

During the first years of the Tanztheater Wien (Vienna dance theatre) GRAF+ZYX contributed music and design to their productions.  This time they designed a scenic video clip. They independently answered questions on the topics of NONE ARE STRANGERS; video and dance act as a chain of coincidences. [Liz King]

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