Vodcast: Signation, Clip und Werbespot

Signation, Clip und Werbespot [Auswahl]

[2] Get Away Wisdom V.2.0 (Video rebuilt 2009)

GRAF+ZYX 1981 | 00:04:00

Originalvideo: Get Away Wisdom 1981. Published at Midem/Cannes. Concept, performance [GRAF+ZYX+K.S.], design, graphics, artworks, environment, programming, camera, cut and production (Photos 1981, Videomaterial S-8+VHS 1980) | ® © GRAF+ZYX. Music: Get Away Wisdom 1981. Selection written, arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered, produced and published by (all vocals and instruments) ® © ZYX for RCA/Musica